GC2016-Bay Area: Event Report

The Bay Area chapter of IITMAANA held its 2016 Gajendra Circle event on Saturday, 14 May, 2016 in Campbell, CA. The goal of the event was to provide IIT Madras Alumni and families an opportunity to meet in a setting that offered both professional and social enrichment. The event was hosted and sponsored by [24]7 Inc. Read more

IITMAANA Philadelphia Chapter Revived on April 8, 2016

The relaunch of Philadelphia chapter of IITMAANA that took place on 8th April 2016 at Devil’s Alley pub, in Philadelphia, brought some alumni buddies together and relished fond memories of our early days. This event was made possible with the leadership of Animesh Agarwal (Dual Degree, Biotechnology, class of 2009) currently a MBA Student in Wharton School, who took a lead role in organizing the event. The relaunch event was the revival of the chapter after about two decades of no activity, and is the first of many chapters that IITMAANA intends to revive and make active this year to help us organize and engage alumni in North America. Read more

IITM Grads Reception @Westin Velachery, June 6, 2015

The Office of I & AR, IIT Madras, in association with IITMAANA (IIT Madras Alumni Association of North America) hosted reception for IITM students going to foreign universities for higher education at the Westin, Velachery Chennai, on June 6, 2015. Read more

Director & DEAN- I & AR Visit US: May 23-31, 2015

Report on USA visit by Director & DEAN- I & AR: May 23-31, 2015 The Director and I visited the United States during May 23-31, with stop-overs at 4 cities. We were attempting to accomplish specific objectives on 3 fronts—alumni relations, University collaborations, and fund-raising. Read more

IITM's First Alumni Golden Jubilee Reunion in the US

IITM's First Alumni Golden Jubilee Reunion in the USHilton/Lisle, Naperville, IL (near Chicago) May 22 thru 25, 2015 How about that!!!  It’s been 50 years since the first IIT M alumni graduated. So Alumni from the First and Second (1964 & '65) batches celebrated their Golden Jubilee Reunions in Chicago.  Director Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi and Prof. Ram Nagarajan, Dean of International Alumni and Relations, rearranged their US trip schedule to be with the Golden Jubilee Celebrants at Chicago on May 23 and 24 to inaugurate and celebrate the event. Read more

'77 IITM Alumnus, Dr. Subra Suresh Inducted into Institute of Medicine

Dr. Subra Suresh (BTME-77), a Distinguished Alumnus, will be inducted into the Institute of Medicine in recognition of his research into cell mechanics related to malaria, blood diseases and certain types of cancer. Read more

Grow IITMAANA: Create/Revive your Chapter

Be a key part of the growth of IITMAANA.  Create (or revive) a major, minor, IITMAANA chapter in your area, whether you're in the US, Canada,  or Mexico.  Organize chapter events and meet-ups between now and the end of the year.  Read more

IITMAANA Oktoberfest

We plan to test launch our first IITMAANA Oktoberfest celebrations to coincide with the Dassera- Diwali celebrations <Oct 1 through Oct 31> around the USA to celebrate and grow IIT Madras’ Indo-German partnership in the 21st Century, as IIT Madras expects to reach new heights in research and educational excellence in the world. Hopefully, this will be an annual event.  Let us know what you think?