The US Private Sector Convenes 2017 Global STEM Talent Summit for Collective Short-Term Solutions to STEM Talent Development Strategies

Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 25, 2017

The nation’s top employers join industry thought leaders at the Global STEM Talent Summit Initiative (GSTS) on April 27-28, 2017, at The National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Its mission is to create solutions for developing the next generation of skilled talent necessary to drive innovation and economic growth within a global context. The summit is led by STEMconnector,® the leading organization working with industry, higher education, NGOs and the public sector to provide resources and leadership that supports smart STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) investments.


For individuals unable to join in person, a livestream of the event will be available for remote viewing at:


Conversations can be tracked on social media by using the hashtag #GSTS2017

Friday , 28 April 2017 | 8 am to 5 pm Eastern Time USA






6th Annual Deshpande Symposium for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Higher Education.
 June 12 - 14, 2017 @ UMass Lowell.  Early Bird Registration now open - Save $100!





Early Bird Registration now open for
Deshpande Symposium - Save $100!





The winter snow has finally given way to spring showers in New England! We are still waiting for those warmer temperatures, but we know spring is on the way - and so is the 6th Deshpande Symposium on Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Higher Education. Registration is now open, and if you would like to save $100 on your registration, please take a moment to go to the website (http://www.deshpandesymposium.org ) by May 4th and register.


New Closing Keynote: We are thrilled to announce the addition of Bob Metcalfe to the list of distinguished keynote speakers at this year's Symposium. Bob invented Ethernet while at Xerox PARC, was a founder of 3Com Corporation and was a former CEO of InfoWorld. Bob is currently a Professor of Innovation in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and in 2005 he received the National Medal of Technology for his "leadership in the invention, standardization, and commercialization of Ethernet."


Early Registration Now Open: Save $100 if you register by May 4, Early Registration rate of $375. If your institution is planning to send five or more people, please contact Gwen Picanco, (Gwen_Picanco@uml.edu or 978-934-2405), directly to register as a block and receive an institutional discount.   If you are presenting at the Symposium please register with the "Presenter Code" provided by the Program Committee.


Sponsorship Opportunities: Would you like to highlight your institutions entrepreneurial success? Are you launching the "killer app" that will revolutionize entrepreneurship education, or at least make it more fun ?  Then take advantage of the Symposium Sponsorship opportunities that will highlight and promote your effortshttp://www.deshpandesymposium.org/sponsors/ . Program opportunities are filling fast so don't be left out this year.


We are in the process of updating the program agenda on the Symposium website,  so keep an eye out for announcements regarding special Symposium events.


Look forward to seeing you in Lowell in June!


Raj Melville 
Deshpande Foundation
Symposium Co-Chair

Steve Tello

UMass Lowell
Symposium Co-Chair 


Important Reminders!

May 4, 2017 - Early Bird Registration Ends

Book your hotel early! Rooms at the UML Inn & Conference Center will go fast! To make your reservation click here.

Please go to http://www.deshpandesymposium.org for more details!

 IITM Ranked No.1 Engineering Institution in India for 2nd year in a row

"For the second year in a row since these rankings have been instituted, IIT Madras has emerged as the "Best Engineering Institution" in the Country in the 'India Rankings 2017' of National Institutional Framework Rankings, MHRD, Govt. of India. 

Moreover, as an added feather to our cap, the Institute has been ranked as the "Second best educational Institution" in the Country after IISc Bangalore. 

The results were announced by the Ministry of Human resources through a press conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhtTsNs59RE

IITMAANA  applauds the splendid work done by students, faculties, and the administration in earning this distinction.

Director Bhaskar Ramamurthi says he is 'not surprised'! To read the complete interview

Click Here

IIT Madras Accomplishments in 2016

Besides being declared as the top engineering school in India, IIT Madras has significant achievements in many areas.. Check it out here..


IITM Alumni in Social Entrepreneurship 

91 Villagers Benefit From Free Cataract Operation Camp

A Mission To Live The Green Life

A New Place To Unwind

CSIE Partners In UK-India Social Innovation Challenge 


IITMAANA Accomplishments in 2016

We carried forward our momentum from last year and began this year on a promising note by helping the victims of the Chennai Floods, an unfortunate event which took place in November 2015.  Your spontaneous and enthusiastic response and contributions made a huge difference in the lives of the victims and also fostered a spirit of unity among the IITMAANA community.

The year started off favorably and was packed with fun filled events, the most prominent being:

  • IITMAANA Melharmony Concert for Chennai Flood Relief-Rehabilitation – Organized by the Bay Area Chapter on Valentine’s Day,Feb 14, at 4 PM at the Mexican Heritage Theater, San Jose, this event had Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, as the Chief Guest. It was a great show that brought many artists, alumni family and friends together to demonstrate their love and solidarity for the suffering folk in Chennai.

  • East Coast – Philadelphia Chapter Revival – On the East Coast, a group of alumni from Philly and NJ, gathered together in the City of Brotherly Love, to revive the Philadelphia Chapter on UPenn’s campus at the Devils Alley Bar & Grille

  • IITM Director and Dean Visit - Continuing the spirit of Chapter renewal, the New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania team organized another event on June 25, at the Hyatt Regency in downtown New Brunswick.  The event was organized by Andy Bala and Nagesh Kuppuraju, who headed the NY NJ team, and Ram Natesan who brought along the UPenn Team. The event was primarily held in honor of the visiting IIT Madras Director and Dean.  The Diro presented his vision 2020 for IIT Madras, and recognized the role of alumni in making IIT Madras great, nationally recognized and ranked as the top engineering school in India. A successful outcome this event was the creation of an NJ WhatsApp group, a forum for attendees to connect with each other

  • Leadership Conference at the Rhode Island Convention Center - The East Coast team joined hands with the Boston and New England Chapters and helped the IIT Association of Greater New England (IIT AGNE) and PANIIT organize the very successful 2016 Leadership Conference at the Rhode Island Convention Center, in Providence, RI, from August 12 to 14. The theme of the conference was “Leading transformation for a better tomorrow: Technologies that lift the human spirit.” It was well attended by IIT Madras Alumni from around the country, US and India, along with IIT M faculty, Professors M. Ashwin and Mahesh, who interacted with alumni and gave an enthusiastic account of development at IIT Madras (Detailed report here)

  • East Coast Family Get Together - The NY-NJ team, had another thrilling event at Frog & Peach restaurant on October 28th, which brought together several IITM alumni from the 1970s to 2010 in the NJ area. Folks brought their families along to connect with each other in an informal setting and fondly reminisced about IIT days and discussed their future plans. It was a good networking event, where people shared common ideas and experiences. Alumni could relate with others in similar life stages and bonded over various challenges they had faced.  Overall, it was very enjoyable get together, in spite of other commitments on Diwali eve.

  • East Coast Diwali Dhamaka - On November 4, 2016, the DC alumni joined together with the Capital IIT Chapter to organize their first Diwali Dhamaka at Spice Crossing restaurant in Rockville, MD.

  • Bay Area 15th Annual Diwali Dhamaka - Not to be outdone, the Bay Area IIT Madras chapter along with IIT groups in the Bay Area, organized the 15th Annual Diwali Dhamaka celebration on November 5, 2016. Each IIT team presented a skit with the theme being 15-15-15 (15years, 15 mins, 15 seconds). The event was so good that the food ran out in 15 mins!

  • Leadership Summit - To cap off all these events, the IITMAANA Board members, from past to the present, huddled for a day at a Leadership summit, to discuss the strategy for IITMAANA and its coexistence or merger with the newly formed IIT Madras Foundation. The brainwork was fueled by tasty diabetic and non-diabetic breakfast and lunch. President Sagar supplied the spirits for the spirited discussion. Seriously though, a lot of good insight and strategy emanated from the workshop.
  • commented 2015-12-31 10:14:48 -0600
    Do we get an email confirmation after we make the donation?
  • commented 2015-12-23 12:47:28 -0600
    Made the donation. Please incorporate the ‘confirmation reply’ as well as ‘print receipt’ feature on the webpage. Thank you for your efforts and hope the money and help reach the needy on a timely basis. Please keep us informed of the progress with photos, dates, etc.
  • commented 2015-12-06 23:14:35 -0600
    Once we complete the payment do we get any confirmation that it went through? In my case it moves to this page with no confirmation at all. In any case, this is a noble initiative and I hope sufficient funds get collected to make substantial relief for the beleaguered citizens of Chennai and vicinity.
  • commented 2015-12-06 13:55:21 -0600
    It doesn’t accept donations less than 25$ (even entering through the other column) which might hinder students/other alumni to donate 10-20$.
  • commented 2015-12-06 09:57:23 -0600
    I concur! It is a Great Initiative! Congratulations to the folks who initiated this and a plea to all our colleagues to contribute and do so quickly so the funds may get to those who need it most now.
  • commented 2015-12-06 08:13:29 -0600
    Let IIT, M alumni rise to the occasion. Pitch in for Flood Relief.
  • commented 2015-12-06 07:29:31 -0600
    Great initiative!
  • commented 2015-12-06 01:47:06 -0600
    Thrilled to see IITMAANA taking the initiative in channeling relief funds to the flood victims. As our home away from home during our college years we owe it to Chennai.
  • commented 2015-12-05 12:40:28 -0600
    Suresh, Bala the problem is fixed, and I have sent you both a message. I see Balakrishnan has already donated. Thank you for your donation and support.
    Please pass on the message to your batch mates, your families, friends, and their friends… post it on Facebook, Linked-in, What’s app.. Tell them to go to www.iitmaana.org and donate to help the folks in Chennai and nearby areas
  • commented 2015-12-05 10:06:48 -0600
    Where do we give the money? This seems to be a circular link.
    It is a great cause and immediate action is needed. Thanks for taking it up.
  • commented 2015-12-05 09:51:22 -0600
    The ‘click here’ link doesn’t seem to work! Is some one paying attention?
  • commented 2015-10-26 14:48:26 -0500
    Trying to reach P. Neelakantan 77 batch living in san Diego. I am currently in Florida. Brahmayya Akella 76 batch. Please respond on brahmayyaakella@yahoo.com
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